2015 Coldwater Enduro Course Announced

So everyone wants to know what is the route…Well here it is,
Leave the Peerless head over to CWM and ride up Tortoise to Chillowee past the rabbit hole and up the fire road until you reach the start of stage 1.
Stage 1: Talladega (backwards) –> Goldilocks
Transition up Cassidy and follow signs to Bomb Dog stage will start in Rock Slot
Stage 2: Rock Slot –> Bomb Dog stage will end somewhere before the climb (yup you heard right! no climb this year)
Transition (secret) will be released the day of the race. Wigs Wheels is sponsoring $100 for the fastest transition between stages 2 & 3.
Stage 3: Rock Slot (opposite direction) down towards Talledega –> Cassidy (reverse) stage ends where Poppa Bear meets Goldilocks
Transition is up Goldilocks over to Chillowee to the Rabbit Hole stage 4 will start somewhere in the vacinity.
Stage 4: Trillium –> Tortoise (reverse) with surprise sections. For those that did the race last year know that I like surprises smile emoticon
Transfer back to the Peerless. Total mileage will be between 25-28 miles.

Infinit Nutrition is sponsoring all the hydration spots. Hydration spots will be located at the Rock Slot starts (stages 3 & 4) and the Anniston trailhead

Maps will be printed out and available for pickup at racer checkin/registration.


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