2018 Dirty Maiden Enduro Series

3rd Coast Productions is proud to bring you another first for the region. For 2018 we bring you the inaugural season of the Dirty Maiden Enduro Series. This women only series is an expansion of the 2017 Heartbreaker Enduro at Baker Creek in Knoxville where we saw women from all over the region come out to participate in the first women only enduro in the southeast.

This year, 3rd Coast Productions takes you not only back to Baker Creek in Knoxville, but we also take you to 2 other venues that will surely raise your stoke level higher than what is has ever been before. Make sure you are there for all the fun. Come in your costumes as they are highly encouraged. 

Junior, Amateur, Masters, and Expert categories. There will also be team categories as well.

4/8 Tsosdadalv (We are Sisters) Fire Mountain Enduro Cherokee, NC
6/10 Heartbreaker Enduro at Baker Creek Knoxville, TN